Early In The Morning

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I never know what it's like to sleep in on the weekends anymore because again it is 6:30 am I'm awake . I wake up at this time of work during the week and I do not know how to set my internal alarm clock off. My problem is when I wake up my mind starts going in twelve different directions and sleep is not one of them . I'll

check my phone, it is even more difficult to stop. Sometimes I try and once in a blue moon, I 'm not even manage an hour or two of shuteye but it's almost better than me. My husband will be on him, he snoozing away until nearly noon that makes me jealous. I wish I could do that while there is no way I'd be in bed for so long on a weekend. I 'd be happy to be able to repeat until 9:00 or in the vicinity. The only good thing about all this is my weekend days seem much longer and on another note our cats are fed at the beginning , what makes them happy.

I do not know what I will do the rest of the day, but I 'm not big rush to leave sitting here in front of our computer. When I finished writing what I want to do some research first car I think I 'm in the market for an earlier rather than later . That I drive now reached a point where I either need to put a little work in trade or work in. The old regular maintenance but it is expensive, especially the tires I'll have to buy in the next two months . I had this car is a 2008 Camry because it was new and I think it's time for something else. I paid which is nice , but it's not as if we can not afford another payment . My husband drives a 2011 Jetta that we both love so maybe I'll see the new Jetta first . I know that if this happens, me and the new sound , it would be great to give. I'm not one of those women who are in their car people I know .

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