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I have many things today which is good for me that I prefer to stay busy then sit around doing nothing all day. I've had enough of that yesterday while I was at home feeling a little under the weather so I'm pretty stayed home and played online games with my sister all day. I'm not kidding when I start to feel sick as some people I know. I listen to my body and stay home and rest and drink plenty of fluids and so on. I know a couple of guys I work with will come in the office unless they are on their death bed and it is not good for various reasons. One being that they will infect the rest of the work with their germs. Two is that they are far from being as productive as they should be if they feel one hundred percent . That one is not as much as my problem because they are the powers that be , but it still bothers me . I know that if I went yesterday , I'd probably feel worse today, but I feel more or less. My throat is still bothering me a little, but I can say virus or bacteria invades my body has lost the good fight . Enough about all that sorry but there is obviously a point of contention with me anyway.

As for what I spent today after I'm done here, I'll start preparing for my trip to France next week. I must say that I am in the process of tweaking my plans. I still have to pack and I want to put up with a vpn for when I'm there. I 'll probably end up using a VPN server when I say that I want to use . I also want to know where I 'm going to stop time , I will myself. I'm not going to work and only for a few days and I can not say I'm all that excited about it. I prefer to stay at home and let someone else go, but I was chosen by the boss of my boss to go if it is not as if I had a lot of say in the matter. The rest of the day will be devoted to the race none of which are important enough to mention here.

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